M3K Group delivers the finest quality of agricultural products and promising food safety. We possess less environmental pollution and environmental protection agriculture. As MYGAP is widely accepted across the world, it promotes the further development of exporting market. This programme covered the practice of biosecurity, labour safety, farm management and pollution control. This reduces the advertising costs for the group as we have been certified by MYGAP as well as MYGAP products are well known by customers.

M3K Group defeated the opponents and won Second runner-up in World Durian Championship 2018 which is organised by Bangi Farm Resort.

In year 2018, M3K Group awarded The 5th Master Agro Professional Certification from Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia (“APDAM”) and interviewed by Global Agro magazine. We are the Musang King (“Mao Shan Wang”) durian supplier which is recommended by The Royal Palace.

Plantation Management System

15 years of experience in planting Musang King to produce high-quality durians and provide consulting in the field of agricultural planting. There are few aspects we shall consider on. For example, water supply, tree condition, manpower, land condition, and others. Plantation planning using terrace cultivation and systematic drainage system to increase the grow of durian trees and production of durians.

With more than 20 years of planting experience, we managing more than 500 acres of durian farm. Durian farm we managed llocated in, Selancar, Melati, Muadzam Shah, Kemayan & others.We do record durian tree data, which included health status, harvest, fertilization and irrigation records time by time.


Musang King Durian is the Malaysian national treasures and it has the title of King of Fruits. So far, there is no other country are able to produce the Musang King durian with the same taste and quality standard.

Currently, Malaysia are exported Durians to Singapore, India, Dubai, United States of America, Korea, Japan and China (the most populous country in the world). On 30th May 2019, Malaysia obtained the clearance on importing the frozen whole durian into China which subsequently caused the surge of market demand of durian over the supplies. Other than frozen the whole durian, we have also packed durian in box or cintainer to maintain its quanlity & taste.

We're not only export durian, but we have also sold within Malaysia. Currently M3k own few stalls which located in Klang, Kuchai & Raub.