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D197 Musang King Durian is the top durian variety in Malaysia. It has the reputation of the king of durian. It has a sweet aftertaste and the most durian taste. It has a creamy taste and a light wine scent. The flesh is ginger yellow, with a creamy texture and rich layers. , tender and delicate, shape, color, meat quality is almost perfect. The pure sweet musang king is not the best, sweet and bitter. The production of Musang King durian is less, and it is an ultra-precious variety in Malaysia.

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Product Description

The nutritional value of durian

  1. Contains a lot of sugar and has high calories. Among them, the protein content is 2.7%, the fat content is 4.1%, the carbohydrate is 9.7%, the moisture is 82.5%, the vitamin content is rich, and the vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are higher.
  2. Contains essential mineral elements, of which potassium and calcium are particularly high.
  3. The amino acid content is complete and rich in content. In addition to tryptophan, it also contains 7 kinds of essential amino acids, of which glutamic acid content is particularly high.

The Effect and Function Of Durian
It can be used for early blood, aging, wind heat, jaundice, phlegm, skin itching and other symptoms.

  1. Keep fit
    Regular consumption can strengthen the body, kidney and impotence, warm the body, is a nourishing and beneficial fruit.
  2. Activating blood and dispelling cold, relieving menstrual pain
    Durian is hot. It can activating blood and dispelling cold after eating. It relieves menstrual pain. It is especially suitable for women suffering from dysmenorrhea. At the same time, durian can improve the coldness of the abdomen and promote the rise of body temperature. It can greatly adjust the friend of cold constitution.
  3. Appetizing to promote digestion
    The smell of durian is very different from that of people. Some people feel very stinky and disgusting. Some people think that the smell is aromatic and the charm is endless. This smell creates a great effect of durian, which is appetizing and appetizing. At the same time, durian is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote bowel movements. Durian is a fruit that divides humans into two extremes. People who like it can’t stop durian, people who don’t like it will feel strong and disgusted.

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